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Los viajes de planificación

High quality map viewer

No-code GIS tool

Easy, light and fast web client 

100% mobile friendly

Flexible and scalable GIS Strategy

Compatible with your GIS technologies

Low cost implementation

Start now

Access to your favourite maps and create collections in five minutes with, the global map viewer

El dedo en el mapa

1. Create a map. 

Choose projection, zoom levels, name, description, and area

IriMap is a free online platform to visualize WMS and WMTS maps. You can connect to any open publicly available map server just pasting the URL in IriMap.

You can create collections of maps to help to visualize the information that is important to your daily work, and share it with your team.

If you are a data provider, just focus on the publication of the quality of the web map services and avoid specific developments that are hard to maintain.

If you are a developer, you can test WMS and WMTS services before implementing them in your geo-application.

Keep updated! New functionalities, tips, content and much more

Thank you!

High value WMS and WMTS Servers

There are thousands of valuable maps freely available for being used by environmental experts, architects, city planners, statistician, politicians or citizens.

​However, each institution publishes its own viewer. IriMap is the easiest way to access to this huge ecosystem of maps.

You will have all the maps that you need for your daily work together in IriMap

consola de programación
WMS Maps


Easy access to maps

Thousands of sources

Combine layers 

Connect to servers

Share WMS WMTS maps


Share maps with your peers

Don't work twice










Urban planning



Planificadores de construcción


“I'm impressed with your platform, it really makes it so easy to create maps using WMS services, works fluently and the layout is clear and simple. ” 


—  Roberto Jiménez. Geospatial Specialist

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