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Terms of use


To be compliant with the GDPR law 2016/679, these is the information about this web site:

Owner: International LSSP OU

Address: Estonia


Registration number: 16140855

1. IriMap is a platform that gives access to OGC services of third parties that are out of control of IriMap. Irimap declines all responsability for the use, reliability, accuracy or availability of the data and what the user can do with those third parties OGC web map services.

Our vision is to make accesible the incredibly rich information of maps already available in internet, published by public sources.

IriMap accesses in real time to the third party servers, and it never modifies or alters any data. The data is taken directly from the server to the user's browser. 

2. When the user accesses IriMap platform, he or she accepts these terms of use.

3. The use of iriMap must be normal, IriMap has rights to cancel the user's access if it detects any kind of abuse or missuse.

4. Your data will be used to improve Irimap services, and to offer you valuable solutions of Irimap Services

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